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Jim Napier Mysteries

Creator of the Colin McDermott Series

The Colin McDermott novels are a contemporary British mystery series with a traditional puzzle at their core to challenge and intrigue readers. The plot is always about whodunit, or how could they have done it, or how can they be brought to justice. Assisted by Detective Sergeants George Ridley and Wilhemina Quinn, Detective Inspector Colin McDermott is on the Major Crimes Squad of the Metropolitan Police, and based at Charing Cross Police Station in London.


Second book of the series

Ridley's War

Yorkshire, 2004: when an elderly veteran of the Second World War dies at a regimental reunion, Colin McDermott and George Ridley look into his past. For Ridley it’s personal: the victim is his father. The challenge facing the pair is not only to determine what happened so many years ago, but also to bring a killer to justice six decades later.

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The highly anticipated second book in the Colin McDermott series
Desert in Dark




First  book of the series


When a young woman killed in London traffic is found to be carrying no identification, Detective Inspector Colin McDermott is assigned to track her down so her family can be notified. He soon discovers that she had a dual identity, concealing a very private life, and when her trail leads back to Colin McDermott’s own Alma Mater, it falls to the detective to determine whether her death was an accident or murder – and whether an old friend and mentor is involved.


Praise by best-selling and award-winning authors

“A classic British whodunit, reminiscent of the Golden Age. Napier depicts the bitter political rivalry of academia, and writes with dry wit and crisp dialogue.”

—  Cath Staincliffe, award-winning and bestselling author of the Scott and Bailey and the Blue Murder tales, both televised

The Author

After a successful academic career at the college and university levels which included teaching both crime fiction and creative writing, Jim turned to writing full time. Since then Jim has published nearly six hundred reviews, interviews, and articles about crime writers, both in print and on multiple Internet sites. In 2011 Jim contributed to an anthology on the craft of crime writing titled Now Write! Mysteries, published by Tarcher/Penguin. Legacy is the first novel in the Colin McDermott series; Ridley’s War, the second; and the third novel is slated for release in 2022.

Jim Napier - The Reviewer
If Napier gives a positive review- I know that I will enjoy the book and/or author.
- Steve Neal, customer



Latest Reviews by Jim

The Vanishing Box


Gallows Court

Quill of the Dove

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Readers Comments

Legacy/BR/June 15 2017

Jim Napier's "Legacy" is an excellent read: excellent story and excellent characterizations, both of

which are rare experiences nowadays. The plot kept me guessing—the ending is exciting, full of

frenetic activity, and leads to a satisfactory conclusion. Moreover, the narrative is witty and

continually engaging. Napier knows what he's doing, he has a distinctive voice, and it is a

pleasure to read an author who writes beautiful English (another rarity). I look forward to reading

more stories in the Inspector McDermott series. 

Legacy/CR/July 24 2017

Legacy is a great summer read. The characters are very well developed and believable, the

setting (London UK) is vividly portrayed, and the reader is kept in suspense right until the end. 

It's a very well written police detective story.

Ridley’s War/C/November 22  2020

A fascinating prequel to legacy, which reaches back to ww2 and the effects it can have on the present. As always a well researched and interesting read where the characters are well developed and real feeling people. An excellent author I hope that book 3 comes out soon.

Legacy/CB/June 2 2017

Great story, endearing characters. In the tradition of the classic English murder mystery, the story is chock full

of red herrings, and has the requisite surprise ending! Can't wait to read Colin McDermott's next adventure! 

Readers Comments

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